Facilities, Designed, Built and Operated to the Highest Industry standards.

At CWBC we design, construct, and operate community scale composting facilities

The CWBC team has extensive experience in the design, construction, permitting, and operation of community scale composting facilities. We are redefining organic waste management by providing the most logical solution to build a project that grows with your needs. 

We believe by using our current assets and building new ones we can provide British Columbia with the highest value-added service providing the most flexibility for the future.

We are a partnership of companies specifically created to service Vancouver Island. The team consists of local operations, investors, as well as experienced International partners specializing in circular economies.

CWBC and its partners are world leader in the management of organics and have built an international business of providing responsible solutions to waste management practices. CWBC customizes and applies unique technologies necessary to serve the specific requirements of our clients and their waste streams.

A partnership of companies specifically created to service Vancouver Island

Learn about our partners at the regional district of Nanaimo, British Columbia: Nanaimo Organic Waste Ltd
Learn about the biological techniques used by our partner WTT (Waste Treatment Technologies)
Learn about the great work being done by our partner, Convent Capital, an independent Dutch Private Equity Firm.
Our vision is to develop and operate  organic waste management systems that are a source of civic pride and an example of sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.
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