We are processing organics at the Regional District of Nanaimo

Working off of the recent success of finalizing construction of the Surrey Biofuel Facility, the CWBC team has recently secured a 20-year contract with the Regional District of Nanaimo to process all of the region’s organics at the Nanaimo Organic Waste facility. The Facility will undergo an in-depth retrofit of the entire facility to implement the advanced composting and odour abatement systems proven at over a 125 facilities worldwide.

The existing CWBC Nanaimo facility is currently preparing conversion to increase the facilities ability to process all types of organic waste, while improving compost quality and odour abatement capacity. Our goal is to improve all aspects of the plants performance.

The Nanaimo Organic Waste (NOW) facility will be upgraded using four of WTT’s in-vessel composting vessels and will also receive an upgrade to the odour abatement system including air humidification and Biofilter capacity. The plant will have a future capacity of over 40,000 tonnes per year and is able to process food, yard and garden, co-mingled and fish waste.

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